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Have you read the latest One Piece Chapter 875: Woman’s Honour? If you haven’t, please check it out now!

After reading this latest chapter, here are 5 things we found interesting to share with our 10k followers!

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1.  Bartolomeo’s Loyalty

OMG! Bartolomeo is really a super-duper Luffy fan! He doesn’t scare of Yonko at all and burns Shanks’s Pirate Flag unexpectedly! He even put Straw Hat Pirate’s Logo there…Do you think he is crazy? Haha xD

Nevertheless, we cannot blame Bartolomeo to burn Shanks’s Flag as he doesn’t know about the relationship between them…

Don’t know what will happen if Shanks find it out?…Probably a big drinking party? Haha xD

2. New Character Coming Soon?

OMG! Brook and Chopper spotted a new guy while sailing to their pirate ship. Is this guy really fishing there or coming to assist Straw Hat Pirates? We cannot ignore the appearance of this character, it might be a key character this arc…Let’s wait for Oda to reveal more…

3. Jinbe’s Calmness

Joining of Jinbe into Straw Hat Pirates is really a big Plus. With his extensive experience, he is able to stay calm in the most dangerous situation. He is able to spot the intention of enemies and comes out with a strategy which is aligned to their goal of escaping…

I am really like his mature and calmness here…How about you?

4. Nami’s Intelligence

Initially, Nami used Black Cloud to attract Zeus away from Big Mom…But she never thought that Zeus will eventually eat her “Weather Egg”. That’s why she felt shocked.

However, when an emergency case happened, at the hang by a hair, Nami able to turn their adversity into advantage by summoning a big thunderbolt on Big Mom and their enemies. This awesome attack implies Nami’s quick agilitintelligentigence. I would rank Nami as the MVP of this character! (We are really looking forward to seeing how Big Mom will look like after this thunderbolt. Haha xD)

If Big Mom was paralyzed, I think there is high chance that Luffy them able to beat Katakuri and the rest on the Sunny 🙂

5. Pudding’s Dual Personality!

Is Pudding really have Dual Personality? If we look closer, we can spot 2 lovely heart shape when Pudding found Sanji. It simply means Pudding already fall in love with Sanji and she is here to save him…However, on the next second, her third eye appeared and she becomes evil pudding…What does it mean? Hopefully, more explanation will be given in next episode…

In the previous episode, Pudding’s plan was to let Big Mom kill Straw Hat Pirates and she will have the time to prepare the wedding cake for Big Mom. However, what she did right now is opposite to what her initial plan. She came here to find Sanji…So does it mean she lying to Katakuri them…So is saving Sanji her true intention? Interested to find out soon.


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