Do you know how Portgas D. Ace ate Flame-Flame Devil Fruit? And, how Spade Pirates was formed?

As we all know, Oda just released One Piece 20th Anniversary Special Articles: Portgas D. Ace Episode 1. Right now, only those who purchased the comic in Japan can enjoy the content. Today, let’s us share with you the information from this Episode 1.

There is a beautiful island in East Blue, and there is a special island with unique ocean current. This ocean current flow in such a way that people can only to go in and unable to go out. The island is surrounded by full of dead bodies…In this island, Ace meets with another guy. Due to Ace’s boat damaged, he already drifted here for 6 days while the other guy was here for 3 days.

This guy felt extreme anxiety and started to talk with the skulls. On the other hands, Ace was planning to build a raft to leave this island but he kept failing. Ace recommended the guy to build a raft together, but that guy rejected the suggestion.

The guy has a dream of writing an adventure novel, he planned to use Ace’s name to write that novel, but Ace rejected. It is because Ace’s dream is much bigger than his dream of writing a novel. The guy always wears a mask, so Ace called it as Masked Deuce.

The guy doesn’t really like those people who always sailing in the ocean for pursuing their dream. Both of them kept chatting until late night. Masked Deuce is a medical student who was abandoned by his parent since he was young, so there are no places for him to go. The moment he left his own town, he gave up his name away too. Ace said that although he doesn’t have a parent, he got a lovely brother. His mother passes away after giving birth of him and his father is a highly wanted criminal. Masked Deuce said, “Highly wanted criminal? Hahaha! Can your father be the Pirates King?”

Ace didn’t respond but his facial expression was gloomy. Masked Deuce realized that it might be the truth…

On the second day, both of them still work on themselves separately. Ace continues on building raft while Masked Deuce was looking for food. He couldn’t find any food and decided to go for Ace, who has a lot of fruits on his hands. He was super hungry and decided to find some weapons to attacked Ace, so he can rob some of his fruits from him. However, Ace discovered that Masked Deuce is behind him due to the sound coming from his stomach. Surprisingly, Ace offers him some fruits to eat.

Until evening, Masked Deuce found out that there is some fire on Ace’s body. 1 of the fruits eaten by Ace was the “Flame-Flame Devil Fruit“. Ace worried that he will not be able to swim, which will be tougher for him to escape this island. Nevertheless, Masked Deuce saw a glimmer of hope.

After 1 day, both of them begin to train on fire, and the training was great.

Finally, it comes to the date when both of them want to leave. They’ve prepared all the things and Ace used his fire to push the raft away from the island successfully.

Ace: Do you want to take an adventurous journey with me?

Masked Deuce: I am sure I can write a good novel if I following you.

Both of them shake hand and Spade Pirates was formed.


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