Hey, guys! Welcome to Family of One Piece again! Have you read the latest One Piece Chapter 873: Trapped like Sweets in a Cage?

Today, we are going to make some prediction on how Straw Hat Pirates is going to escape from Big Mom again! If you read our previous article on The 5 Ways that Straw Hat Pirates Could Escape from Big Mom Pirates, you should know that we have made the right prediction that Tamatebako is the key factor in escaping Big Mom Pirates.

We guess most of us thought that Straw Hat Pirates should escape the island easily after Big Mom lose her wedding cake and having her eating disorder now.

Well, Oda never fails to impress us again. Big Mom is riding on a flying cloud and holding a sword from her hat, chasing after them for a Wedding Cake.

Would Straw Hat Pirates able to escape this mad yet powerful Big Mom this time?

Below are 3 possibilities we could think of:

1. Sanji making the best wedding cake for Big Mom [The Probability: 70%]

Since Big Mom is looking for a Wedding Cake and Sanji is famous for his cooking skill. It might be ridiculous thought but it might sound logic too. The key is how Luffy, Jinbe, Brook and the rest can handle Big Mom while Sanji is making the cake for her? Or Sanji had prepared the cake earlier?

2. Jinbe’s Sun Pirates [The Probability: 20%]

Jinbe already plan for his Sun Pirate to leave Big Mom’s Territory early, but we believe that these Fisherman Pirates might come back and help Straw Hat Pirates to leave Big Mom islands safely and it will be official “Jinbe Join the Crew” Moment.

3. Evil Pudding or Germa 66 or Pedro [The Probability: 10%]

There is a slim chance that Pudding or Germa 66 or Pedro might come out a plan or even sacrifice themselves to save Straw Hat Pirates.

Is Pudding’s plan of making a chocolate cake part of her another master plan of saving Sanji them?

Is Germa 66 able to escape themselves and helping Straw Hat Pirates?

Since a portion of Pedro’s life was stolen by Big Mom, is him going to sacrifice himself to save them?

It would be interesting to see how the story progress…By the way, we are going to move to Kaido Episode soon and can see my Favourite Zoro. (^.^)


So, what is your thought? Do share with us if you think Straw Hat Pirates might escape from Big Mom differently by commenting below!

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