One Piece 874: Is Nami or Pudding the Turning Points?

Hi, All One Piece Fans!

We have been waiting for this awesome episode for 2 weeks! If you haven’t read the latest episode 874, please check it out now!

There are 3 main highlights from this episode and they made all of us exciting!

1. Would Zeus follow Nami?

Wow, Oda never failed to impress us again! None of us thought that Zeus will be attracted by the Black Balls released by Nami. It does not only help Straw Hat Pirates to avoid the attack from Big Mom, but there is also a chance that Zeus might eventually join Nami.

Definitely, Nami is the MVP of this episode. The next question now is would Zeus join Nami at the end? If the answer is YES, it will definitely boost Straw Hat Pirates to the next level! And, Zeus can bring all of them out of this island with ease.

2. Pudding – Angel or Evil?

OMG! Is pudding going to help Sanji or Big Mom? Which side is she standing for right now? Nobody knows. As we all know, she is great on acting. She acted nice in front of Sanji previously but planned to kill him during the wedding.

However, after being praised by Sanji on her third eyes, her attitude towards Sanji might be changed. Here, we believe that Pudding’s intention should be helping Sanji and his crew. She would help to make the cake with Chiffon. By making the cake, it might help Straw Hat Pirates to escape from the island indirectly…

3. Final Battle: Katakuri

Katakuri, the right hand of Big Mom is waiting for Straw Hat Pirates on Sunny now. A lot of people will be questioned why not Katakuri to destroy the Sunny directly? It will stop them from escape at all. Well, I think Katakuri is over confident on his power and want to kill all of them on the Sunny! It makes more sense.

However, if there is a Final battle between Katakuri and Straw Hat Pirates, we believe Straw Hat Pirates have the advantage. Since the battle is on the sea, Jinbe will take tremendous advantage over Katukuri who eaten Devil Fruit. With the help from Sanji and Luffy, 3 of them sure can beat Katukuri out of Sunny!

Definitely, we are looking forward to watching this final battle now!


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