One Piece Chapter 874 Analysis: Zeus Betray Big Mom, Soul-Soul Devil Fruit might be Deficient!

In Chapter 874, the story is getting more and more furious now. There is no doubt that Big Mom is not easy to be defeated.

On the other hand, Luffy wants to escape from Big Mom’s Territory is not an easy task too.

However, there is one point worth to discuss and analysis here: Soul-Soul Devil Fruit!!!

1. Betrayer – Zeus

Big Mom own 3 strongest Elementary homie: Zeus, Prometheus, and Napolean. As far as we know, 3 of them are really strong as none of them get hurt in the past numerous battles.

Previously, Big Mom mentioned that these 3 homie are created by using her own soul, so they are much more powerful than the rest of homie.

However, Big Mom’s favorite – Zeus was attracted by the Black Ball released by Nami. There is no denying that Zeus also inherited the gobble habit from Big Mom. Haha xD

The Key Point here is not Zeus’s gobble habit but is that Zeus was hesitated to betray Big Mom to join Nami. It is very very strange behavior.

If Soul-Soul Devil Fruit is perfect as the rest of Devil Fruits, Zeus should be fully under control of Big Mom. However, there is a tendency that Zeus will leave Big Mom for her own goods.

Besides, King Baum’s betrayal behavior also validate the problem with Soul-Soul Devil Fruit…

2. Betrayer: King Baum

King Baum is also one of the homie created by Big Mom and yet it betrayed Big Mom directly in this chapter. Since King Baum is a homie created by Big Mom, Big Mom should be able to control it at all. Right?

Pause a while…We would like to draw your attention to the following:

All the wood in the Seducing Wood recognized King Baum as the King of the Forest instead of Big Mom.

Hello….These Seducing Wood are all homie created by Big Mom but they recognized King Baum as King of Forest in front of Big Mom…Isn’t sound strange???

It seems like there is deficient in Soul-Soul Devil Fruit…If there is no problem with the Soul-Soul Devil Fruit, this betrayal also denies the ability of Soul-Soul Devil Fruit directly…

Nevertheless, another point is…when Big Mom gives instructions to all the Seducing Wood, all of them are being controlled by Big Mom again…However, why not King Baum listen to Big Mom’s instruction as well?

It implies that Soul-Soul Devil Fruit doesn’t have the ability to fully control their homie…All the homie have their own mindset and yet will listen to Big Mom due to their fear?

In conclusion, from the way Big Mom get Soul-Soul Devil Fruit, Big Mom might get it under the abnormal scenario. In this case, she might not be able to perform the full ability of Soul-Soul Devil Fruit…Or She never eats Soul-Soul Devil Fruit at all?


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