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One Piece Chapter 881 Analysis – A WAVE ROOM!

As what we expected, the real One Piece Manga 881 is exactly same as what we have written on Spoiler Manga One Piece 881.

We will continue to do our BEST to update the most accurate spoiler manga for our readers and subscribers.

Now, Let’s us take a look at what happened on One Piece 881.

1. Jinbe – Straw Hat Pirates’ 10th Member – New Helmsman

Big Mom gives soul to the sea and created a big wave attack on Straw Hat Pirates. All of the crew were panic and run out of ideas, except Jinbe. With his quick and sharp decision and skillful steering skill, he managed to save the whole Straw Hat Pirates from the unavoidable attack.

Besides, Jinbe also mentioned that Fisherman Children love playing the green room. After all, we also find out dolphin also love playing it. Haha xD

Green Wave, Fisherman, Wavegreen room, jinbe, fisherman

One thing worth our attention here.

Why the Wave with Big Mom’s Soul unable to notice their escape? It seems like Big Mom’s behavior as well. Just follow the instruction and make a big attack. After the attack, don’t care about the rest of thing…Haha xD. What do you think?

Lastly, since Big Mom Pirates believes that the Sunny ship was sunk. I think Perospero will lead Big Mom to the Chocolate Island where Pudding and Sanji are making the wedding cake.

Without any threats, I think Nami will lead them towards the meeting point at Chocolate Island as well…It will be the final place of this arc…


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2. Luffy VS Katakuri

After Luffy’s teammate escape Big Mom successfully, finally he can now focus on fighting with Big Mom’s Number 1 Commander – Katakuri.

However, as we can see, from all the aspects, Physical Strength, Bountry, Devil Fruit‘s Power…Katakuri seems one level higher than luffy and it seems like it is difficult for luffy to escape from him as well…How confidence he is going to win this battle this time?

Katakuri Attacks Luffy

Moreover, it is the very 1st time we see Luffy got this kind of weird smile… Is it a sign that he is not confident to win over Katakuri this time?

Luffy's Smile, Luffy's Laugh, Weird Smile

However, lastly, we see Luffy breaks the very last piece of mirror. In other words, there is no way for him to back to his Sunny Ship now. What he can do now is to win Katakuri and use a mirror to go to Chocolate Island to meet Sanji them.

Hopefully, we can see Luffy using his Gear 4 or other hidden power which only will be used when he was forced to the corner…

Luffy's Determination, Luffy Vs Katakuri, Final Battle, One Piece


Thank you for reading our analysis.

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