Payback War Revealed: What Happened To The Remainder of the Whitebeard Pirates?

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Have you wondered what happened to the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates after their Payback War against Blackbeard Pirates?

2 years ago, the Whitebeard Pirates were considered the strongest Pirate Crew in the sea after the death of Gol D. Roger. The whole Whitebeard Pirates consists of Whitebeard himself, the strongest man at that point in time, 16 Division Commanders and a total of 1600 members. There is definitely not deny that it is a mightful crew.

Nevertheless, after the death of Whitebeard, everything changed. Marco the Phoenix became the Captain of Whitebeard Pirates and led the crew to revenge against Blackbeard…

According to the Gorosei, Marco the Phoenix is one of the very few characters who are capable to stop Blackbeard. Even though he is considered really strong, there is still a gap for him to achieving the level of Yonko!

A lot of things changed during the 2 years of time skip. One of them is that Blackbeard replaced Whitebeard and became a Yonko! With his understanding of Whitebeard Pirate, he took less than 2 years time to conquered all the Whitebeard’s territories.

Payback war

Finally, Marco led the remainder of Whitebeard Pirate to fight with Blackbeard Pirates. They have suffered an overwhelming defeat by Blackbeard Pirate…Moreover, after this event, Blackbeard was recognized as one of the Yonko officially.

Right after the Payback War, the whole Whitebeard Pirates disappeared. Nobody knows where they are, or what they’re doing. Are they dead?

From our view of point, the chance of Whitebeard Pirates alive out of that catastrophic war is really slim. Not to mention that Blackbeard is on his Devil Fruit hunting program. Their devil fruits might even be stolen by Blackbeard during the war…

One Piece Silver Military Poker Card! 

We think that except Marco, the remainder of Whitebeard Pirates has passed away during the war. Since Nekomamushi mentioned that Marco is his good friend and he might know his whereabout… We strongly believe that Marco is still alive and he will join the battle against Kaido. We are looking forward seeing Marco’s power again!

So, what do think whereabouts of the Whitebeard Pirates after the Payback War? Share with us your thoughts by commenting below!


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Comments (2)
syafrinal ocson
September 29, 2017

i think the only stolen power is jozus power, diamond fruit, things that indicated it back when zoro defeat daz bones in arabasta, daz bones said, next to cut by zoro is diamond!
even mihawk cant cut diamond yet, that will be truly zoro power to became the best swordman in the world 🙂
thats my opinion 🙂

October 10, 2017

That’s nice theory. We also hope to see the moment Zoro cut through diamond!
Btw, is mihawk cannot cut through diamond?

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