[Spoiler Manga] One Piece Chapter 877 – “Not Sweet”

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[Spoiler Manga] One Piece Chapter 877 – Not Sweet 

At the Sunny,

Reinforcements keep coming from the mirror.

Perospero has restrained Chopper and Brook with candy and they are not able to move at all.

Chopper and Brook’s body were covered in candy, Chopper cries that he doesn’t want to turn into sweets.

Meanwhile, Luffy and the rest are approaching Sunny while being chased by Big Mom from behind…

Katakuri predicts that his underlings will be defeated by Luffy and rest soon, so he instructs them to go back into the mirror.

Perospero makes an iron maiden out of candy – Candy Maiden. She starts to attack Luffy.

However, Luffy destroys it by his punch full with flames…

Perospero flinches due to Luffy’s flames.

Katakuri faces off with Luffy.

Now, He is stuck between BM and Katakuri.

Jinbe starts to prepare everything for them to escape while Luffy fighting with Katakuri.

Luffy vs Katakuri begins in earnest.


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Pedro starts to talk to Carrot.

Pedro: Carrot don’t be surprised by something that’s going to happen suddenly

Carrot: Eh?

Pedro: Here’s what I think. Luffy and the others are going to bring about the dawn of the world that our clan and Kozuki clan have awaited for the past centuries!

Carrot: Centuries?

Perospero tells his subordinates to surround the coast with battleships.

Nami says they can’t escape by sailing out normally and prepares a coup de burst.

However, Perospero covers the ship in candy and prevents it from sailing at all.

Pedro attempts to save Luffy and the rest from this desperate scenario.

Nevertheless, Perospero notices it and restrains him with candy.

Pedro uses some bombs that he had been hiding to take Perospero with him.

Pedro: Now your magic will be disappeared! Goodbye.

The bomb exploded and Pedro and Perospero are enveloped in flames.



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