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Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 883 is finally released now!

One Piece 883

Direct Translation by Family of One Piece

  • It is because you have taken more time than I expected…

  • Today’s Tea Time has been postponed by 40 minutes.

  • …!!!

  • Don’t Panic, You will be at ease soon…

  • Pattisier!!!

  • Yes Sir!

  • We were considering what to make for today’s tea and snacks!

  • We’ve been ready since 3 pm here…

  • We apologize for our mistake, Master Katakuri is the “Perfectionist”! You weren’t able to enjoy the Merienda (an ingredient in the light meal in the southern Europe) that you’ve always had on the same day.

  • The truth is, due to the postponement of 40 minutes, the black tea has completely cooled down!

To all One Piece Fans, below are some of the highlights:

Title: Tea Time or Snack Time

  • Cover Page: Both ships that were fighting in the last chapter were destroyed by Ideo and his alliance.

  • Monkey D. Luffy tries his best to turn himself into Gear Fourth Mode.

  • With Katakuri’s Awakening Power, he defected Luffy easily before luffy

    turns into Gear Fourth

  • Luffy was crushed inside the wall (full with mochi) inside the Mirror World

  • Katakuri mentioned that his daily tea time was being delayed

  • He used Mochi to make a house and begins to eat his snack inside

  • The mochi wall was broken and a super fat luffy come out as he eaten all the mochi

  • He found Katakuri

  • The Mochi House was damaged by Luffy and he found Katakuri is having tea time

  • He saw Katakuri has long fangs for teeth

  • Katakuri was angry as he doesn’t like his image of a glutton for sweets to be revealed to others.

  • Katakuri killed all the chefs who saw it

  • [Round 2 of battle between Katakuri VS Luffy]

  • Finally, Luffy manages to kick Katakuri

  • And, Luffy uses Kong Gun to hit Katakuri

  • End

Next Week No Break. Hehe!


Food for Thoughts

From the previous One Piece Chapter 882, we can clearly see that all parties are heading toward the Cocoa Island.

1. Sanji and Pudding making Wedding Cake at Cocoa Island

2. The rest of Straw Hat Pirates (Jinbe, Nami, Brook, Chopper) sailing Sunny Ship to Cocoa Island

3. Big Mom is riding Big Wave with Perospero to Cocoa Island as per Pudding’s plan

4. Germa 66 get the information of whereabout Straw Hat Pirates is and seem like they are planning for a counterattack plan

5. Bege and his Fire Tank Pirates also heading toward Cocoa Island to save his wife – Chiffon

6. Luffy is going to turn on his Gear 4 mode to fight with Katakuri. After the battle, he will meet his crew at Cocoa Island too

7. I won’t be surprised that Caesar Clown will have appeared in Cocoa Island too. Hahaha xD

With all the facts above, we strongly believe that Cocoa Island will the final destination of this whole arc.

So what the ending will be?

Would Germa 66, Bege and Luffy begin a great counterattack plan?

Would the Wedding Cake so sweet that it is enough to make Big Mom fainted?

Would another secret 3rd party emerge as story progress? (It is due to the fact that all the sea slug transmitters are spoilt. Are they being destroyed by another secret army/enemy? )

Let’s us looking forward to seeing the story unveiled!


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