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Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 884 is finally released now!!!

The highlight of the Spoiler Mange One Piece Chapter 884:

One Piece 884: Who?

  • Katakuri’s dodging abilities come from his Haki of Observation

  • Before recovery of his Haki, he was hit by Luffy and it was a big damage to him

  • However, after recovery of his Haki, his one punch to counterbalance the attack from Luffy

  • He also back to normal, able to calm down now and Luffy is unable to hit him at all due to his quick and sharp dodging

  • Pound come and visit his daughter – Chiffon but was hit dramatically by 4th son – Charlotte Oven

  • Among all the noise in the town, Sanji and Pudding is busy on making Wedding Cake

  • On the sea, all the territorial sea slugs are inactive…due to the charismatic song sing by Charlotte Praline.

  • Charlotte Praline’s charismatic song…!!!


Extra Remark: While Luffy is prepared to use his 2nd Kong Gun attack, he was hit by Karakuri. Even though he is in his Gear Fourth Mode, he is still unable to stand up. Whether he can get up consciously, need to wait for next chapter…

Next week break…@@



From the previous One Piece Chapter 883, we have seen a lot of fighting scenes between Luffy and Katakuri.

There are 3 things we found interesting from the One Piece Chapter 883:

1. Katakuri worry about Luffy’s Gear Fourth

Katakuri Blocked and Prevented Luffy from turning into Gear Fourth

Katakuri able to use his Haki of Observation to foresee the future. He foresees that Luffy will be turning into Gear Fourth which is too powerful for him to handle.

With that, he never waits for Luffy to turn into Gear Fourth and quickly prevent him by using his Mochi Devil Fruit Power.

2. Katakuri very care about his image and reputation

It is not surprising to find out that Katakuri is also edacity like his mother – Big Mom!

But most of us are very disappointed on Katakuri as the first commander of Big Mom Pirates. He should have to kill Luffy when he got the edge and advantage.

Katakuri waiting for tea time

There are 2 potential reasons why he never kills Luffy directly. First, he is over-confident that his power is superior to Luffy and his Mirror Mochi is able to send Luffy to the Heaven. Second, he is hungry for his tea time. Seem like eating come to a higher priority than killing an enemy. LOL.

In fact, we believe that it is what Oda tried to do. He plans to portray Katakuri as edacity as Big Mom and used it as an opportunity for Luffy to recover from that attack.

Katakuri cares about his reputation and image

Apart from greedy for food, he also very cares about his image and reputation. All of the Big Mom pirates and family perceived Katakuri as the gallant, calm-headed and powerful guy – the perfect guy in the world as mentioned by Brulee.

Brulee mentioned Katakuri as the perfect guy in the world in one piece

It simply implied that Katakuri spends a lot of time hiding his true self and make a lot of effort on building himself as the best and perfect guy in the Big Mom Family. So it makes sense that once the chef saw his true image as an edacity person, he immediately kill all of them without a second thought.

Do you have the same experience like Katakuri before? Once the image you are trying to build in front of others was broken and being revealed, you feel as angry as him and want to destroy all the evidence just to keep your previous image in good shape?

3. Katakuri’s Weakness

At the end of One Piece Chapter 883, Luffy mentioned that he found Katakuri’s Weakness!

What do you think is Katakuri’s Weakness?

Luffy manged to kill and hit Katakuri

After fighting 2 punches with Katakuri, Luffy managed to kick Katakuri’s head! It is the biggest hint!

Why? Katakuri is the person who possesses the strongest Haki of Observation ever. Why can’t he predict Luffy’s kick and dodge it?

So, we believe that there is a high chance that when Katakuri using enhanced Haki of Armaments – Block Mochi, he is not able to use Haki of Observation! In other words, He cannot use both Haki at the same time!

Enhanced Haki of Armament by KatakuriStronger Haki of Armament by Katakuri - Block Mochi

In addition, if it is the truth. It makes sense that he will do anything to stop Luffy from turning into Gear Fourth. It is because he knows that he cannot use both Haki at the same time. If Luffy turns into Gear Fourth, it will be hard for him to handle.

Meanwhile, do you realize that when he is fighting with Luffy earlier, he only used Haki of Observation and his Mochi-Mochi Devil Fruit Power and never use Haki of Armament at all?

Mochi Mochi Katakuri

We believe that he might train himself too extremely in Haki of Observation. And in return, he is unable to use both Haki at the same time.

After knowing the weakness of Katakuri, what is the chance of Luffy winning the battle?

The probability of Winning increase from 1% to 51% now!

From the previous chapter, we can clearly see that Luffy is no way to win over Katakuri at all due to the following

  • He never uses his full power – Gear Fourth

  • Katakuri got awakening power on his Mochi-Mochi Devil Fruit but Luffy doesn’t

  • Katakuri has a stronger Haki of Armament than Luffy’s

  • Katakuri has the strongest Haki of Observation in One Piece

However, now we believe Luffy stands a better chance due to the following:

  • Luffy has gained a lot of energy after eating Mochi (It is similar like how he fight with Cracker previously)

  • Luffy has finally turned into Gear Fourth Mode and able to give Katakuri a great hit at the end of One Piece 883

  • Katakuri is unable to use both Haki at the same time while Luffy can use both at the same time

  • Simply because Luffy is the main character of One Piece. (Haha xD)

So, our dearest One Piece blog readers, what do you think are the probability of Luffy win over Katakuri?

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