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Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 885 is revealed now! Thanks for waiting for it.


Some Highlights from Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 885:

  • The Title might be “Luffy Gear Fourth Run Out, Crisis 10 Minutes”

  • After calming down, Katakuri is having an edge in the battle with Luffy

  • Luffy looking for space to hide as his Gear Fourth and Haki are running out of power…

  • Luffy needs to hide himself for at least 10 minutes

  • However, his intention was discovered by Katakuri through his Observation Haki

  • Luffy is in Crisis now

  • After that, Luffy managed to use Brulee’s power to escape

  • Unfortunately, the mirror he escaped to is with Big Mom

  • Luffy has to escape again

  • Big Mom Pirates plan to destroy all Straw Hats Pirates, Firetank Pirates and Fishermen Pirates now

  • On the other hand, Sanji and Pudding managed to cook the sweet butter, cake, and chocolate.

  • Sanji plans to complete the wedding cake and meeting Sunny Ship


After reading the last chapter, there are few more things going to be revealed in the upcoming One Piece Chapter 885:

  • Luffy’s Gear Fourth was beaten up by Katakuri after he recovered his calmness. What do you think is the chance of Luffy winning over Katakuri now?

  • Is Pound able to see his daughter Chiffon or being killed by Oven?

  • Praline is putting her life at risk by using her charming voice to attract all the sea slugs…Seem like she has decided to help her husband, all the fishermen and Straw Hat Pirates to go against Big Mom…What do you think?



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Spoiler Manga One Piece Kapitel 885 wird bald veröffentlicht. Mach dir keine Sorgen, wir werden es für alle unsere One Piece Manga Leser und Abonnenten aktualisieren.

Nach dem Lesen des letzten Kapitels werden im nächsten One Piece Chapter 885 noch einige weitere Dinge enthüllt:

  • Luffys Gear Fourth wurde von Katakuri zusammengeschlagen, nachdem er seine Ruhe wiedergefunden hatte. Was denkst du ist die Chance, dass Luffy jetzt Katakuri gewinnt?

  • Kann Pound seine Tochter Chiffon sehen oder von Oven getötet werden?

  • Praline setzt ihr Leben aufs Spiel, indem sie mit ihrer charmanten Stimme alle Meeresschnecken anlockt … Scheint so, als hätte sie beschlossen, ihrem Mann, allen Fischern und Strohhutpiraten zu helfen, gegen Big Mom zu kämpfen … Was denkst du?



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