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Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 887 is finally released!

Title: Somewhere Someone is wishing for your happiness

  • Even thought Begewas surrounded by Big Mom Pirates, he doesn’t stop his ship.

  • Nostra Castello transforms himself into an amphibious battle caterpillar and kicks all the people around.

  • Bege asked Sanji to pass the wedding cake to him

  • Sanji use his legs to lift up the tray with wedding cake and kick it to Bege

  • Oven tries to stop the ships. However, the ship has been move away quickly

  • No choice, Oven decided to use his Heat Devil Fruits to heat up the ocean

  • With his high temperature, the wedding might be ruined as the chocolate and cream will be melted and altered.

  • The paddle of the ship broken due to high heat.

  • Out of sudden, Pound attacks Oven and his heat cool down.

  • Oven getting angry and is about to kill him

  • Out of sudden, he thinks that if his grandchild won’t know his name, he will still be fiercely loved by his parents.

  • He was so happy that Chiffon got married and wanted to congratulate her.

  • On the other hand, The Sunny was pursued by Big Mom Pirates from all angles.

  • Lastly, Bege’s ship starts transforming….


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