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Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 888 is released now!

One Piece 888 Chapter Title: The Lion

  • Luffy back to the Mirror World and fight with Katakuri again!

  • Katakuri: Are you coming here to die? Alternatively, do you want to join our alliance?

  • Luffy: I am here to win the battle with you!

  • Katakuri: I am sorry, I don’t have this option for you!

Another Scene:

  • Big Mom Pirates are chasing after the Sunny.

  • Daifuku Fleet appears in front of Nami them…

  • Besides, Smoothie’s fleet is also coming and just behind Big Mom only

  • Even though they are surrounded by all the enemy in the middle of the sea, Carrot raises out her voice.

  • She informs the rest that she is confident to handle the situation and pass the task to her as today is a full moon.

  • Out of Sudden, Carrot become matures and grow up to be an adult.

  • She jumps onto Daifuku Fleet.

  • When the Mink Tribe makes eye contact with the Full Moon, they will transform into a form as known as “SURON”

  • After transformation, Carrot able to defeat Bis Mom’s pirates quickly.

  • She even destroys their ship’s steering wheel.

  • Chopper witnesses it and were shocked!


On the last chapter, Do you Notice Something strange???

  • Oven immersed his hands in the sea and transfer heat from his hands to the sea with his Heat Heat Devil Fruit Power.

I am curious that How can he put his hand on the sea? Isn’t strange? Shouldn’t his power disappear inside the sea? 


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