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Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 889

Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 889 is finally released now!


One Piece 889: The Unknown of Big Mom

Daifuku was very angry and summon a Devil (Genie) to attack Carrot

Carrot react quickly and able to avoid that strong attack

However, Daifuku’s ship was damaged by that attack

Jinbe said that the Mink Tribe will get their wildness power by looking at the full moon

Nevertheless, if Mink Tribe unable to control their power, they might fight until exhausted and die.

After listening to what Jinbe said, Brook decided to join Carrot in battle with Big Mom’s Pirates

He alone jumps into sea and run toward Daifuku’s ship.

Big Mom’s outburst has been last for 8 hours, there are some changes in her body.

Her body becomes thinner and thinner

Following Big Mom’s instruction, Napolean call back Zeus and Prometheus

On the other hands, on the Fire Tank Ship, There is a strong argument between Bege and Sanji

Bege suggested to put some poison or even bomb inside the cake since Big Mom is going to eat that

However, Sanji doesn’t like someone to intervene his products.

So he gives Bege eat a bit of the cake

After ate the cake, Bege felt the happiness and blessing around him and fainted

The battle between Carrot and the Devil (Genie) makes the ship broken and unable to sail at all

Fighting under Sulong form too long, Carrot becomes tired and falling down

Brook hold her and asked her how could she return back to her original form

Zeus and Prometheus join back Big Mom

Prometheus hide at Big Mom’s hair

Big Mom holds Napolean (as a Sword) and jump onto Zeus and flying over Sunny

Jinbe said: “Be ready to discard the ship!”



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