Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 890

Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 890

Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 890 is finally released now!

Title: Big Mom on the Ship


  • Big Mom making damage on the Sunny while looking for the wedding cake

  • Jinbe told Big Mom that there is no wedding cake on the Sunny at all

  • Big Mom said if it is truth, she will kill her eldest son – Perospero

  • Perospero thoughts that Big Mom will forget about it, but now he is panic

  • Big Mom shouted, ” Don’t point your finger at my son!”

  • Big Mom uses her sword with fire to cut Jinbe

  • Jinbe manages to hold her sword but still been thrown away from the impact

  • Nami said, ” Carrot is still on the ship, please stop it!”

  • But nothing is able to stop the situation now.

  • The worst happened when all the canvas of ship is on fire from the Big Mom’s firing hair

  • Big Mom is attacking Nami…Chopper defends it.

  • Jinbe comes back and uses a strong ocean current to put on the fire on the ship and even make Big Mom out of the ship.

  • Jinbe quickly sail the ship away


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  • Big Mom comes back and wanted to cut the ship into halves. So that, she can find the cake.

  • Nami thought the situation is to their advantage now.

  • She plans to use the same tactics to cheat Zeus. However, Zeus uses electric lighting to attack Nami.

  • The electric lighting is attacked on Brook.

  • Brook is immune to the electrical attack.

  • Brook attack back Zeus and Nami releases a lot of electric

  • Out of sudden, Big Mom stops

  • All of them grab the chance and escapes

  • Lastly, Nami managed to catch Zeus and threaten it to be her slaves

  • Big Mom now using Prometheus to chase after them.

There is no break on next week.



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