The 3 Possibilities that Luffy Losing Power against Big Mom!

Have you read the latest manga of 871 episodes yet? After reading this latest manga, I think there is 1 big question on all the One Piece Fans…That’s why does Luffy losing his power so quickly right after his punch against Big Mom!

Have you thought about it?

Here is our potential analysis on this scenario:

1. Big Mom’s Special Power [Probability: 70%]

Do you still remember that Big Mom has the ability to steal the lifespan of those people who are afraid of her? And, she couldn’t do anything against Jin Bei who has no fear at all.

We strongly believe that Luffy’s power was absorbed by Big Mom under certain condition. It might be part of the special power from “Soul-Soul Fruit”.

From all the evidence we collected, there is a high probability that the “Soul-Soul Fruit” has the ability to steal soul [it could be lifespan, power or other] from someone who has negative emotion or big volatility of emotion [For example, fear & anger].

If this theory is correct, it makes sense that Big Mom was purposely irritated Luffy and made him angry. With that, she can beat up Luffy easily…

2. Lack of energy after a series of fighting [Probability: 20%]

Before meeting Big Mom, Luffy has an intensive fought with Cracker, who has a bounty of 860,000,000, which is higher than Luffy. After defected Cracker, Luffy was beaten up by Sanji and the rest of Big Mom’s pirates during the state of lockdown in Sweet City.

Without much resting and food, he still tries his best to execute Bege‘s assassination plan and used his Gear 4 power to fight with Big Mom. After all, there is a chance that he was exhausted after his punch on Big Mom…

3. Unexpected reason to be revealed [Probability: 10%]

As we all know, Oda is famous for his foreshadowing and unexpected story writing skill. There is still chance that other reasons we couldn’t imagine of now will be revealed soon…


What are the other possible ways that you think Luffy might losing his power here? Comment here for more discussion.

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