The 5 Ways that Straw Hat Pirates Could Escape from Big Mom Pirates

From the latest manga episodes 869, it is obvious that Straw Hat Pirates are under the siege from Big Mom Pirates, the strongest pirates they faced so far. It is undeniable it could be one of the most difficult cases they faced up to now.

Assassination plan went up in smoke, well-planned escape plan failed, and now they are under the siege…Are they able to escape from this siege?

Below are 5 possibilities that could be developed which may help Straw Hat Pirates escape successfully:

1. Invited Guests [Chance: 5%]

Among all the invited guests, do you think there is a possibility that someone is hidden and looking for the perfect opportunity to attack Big Mom?

If so, what are their intentions and how are they going to create more chaos here?

2. Bege’s Big Father [Chance: 10%]

As the stories progress, there are more and more fans falling in love with Bege. A cruel assassinator with a sense of humor. Once the mirror was broken, Bege quickly decided to come out his secret power – Big Father as the last line of defense. However, is Big Father can fight with Big Mom?

The chance of victory seems slim now, but we are still looking forward to seeing more power of Bege and his Fire Tank Pirates!

3. Brook [Chance: 15%]

 Would the MVP – Brook gives us more surprise here? From the picture above, we can see how relax Brook was. Probably he got some plan which might stop Big Mom? Don’t forget he fought with her previously.

It wouldn’t be surprised if Brook’s Revive-Revive Fruit might be a natural enemy to Big Mom’s Soul-Soul Fruit. 4.

4.Germa 66 [Chance: 30%]

Finally, some of the power of Germa 66 was revealed in manga 869. Right after equipped with their raid suits and weapon, they are able to save Nami them quickly from the hands of Big Mom’s pirates. They are strong enough to give Big Mom Pirates some challenges.

Since their alliance plan failed and almost killed by Big Mom, they are ready to fight with Big Mom Pirates at all cost. It might be a touching climax if they sacrifice themselves to save Sanji them. Besides, don’t forget that Reiju already knows Big Mom’s plan ahead, she might have some plans on hands.

5. The Tamatebako [Chance: 40%]

The mystical box – Tamatebako was highlighted in Manga 869! We believe that it could be the key to escape the Straw Hat Pirates!

Would the blown out Tamatebako exploded and create more chaos? Or would any special power released from the box which makes a 360-degree turning point?


What are the possible ways that you think Straw Hat Pirates could escape here? Comment here for more discussion.

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