The Top 10 Things I Want to See in One Piece

10. The 12 Supreme Grade Swords

Since reading One Piece from 15 years ago, I can’t stop to figure out the 12 Supreme Grade Swords in One Piece. How does these 12 Supreme Grade Swords look like, how powerful are them and who are the swordsmen holding these greatest swords in the world? As of now, we only knew merely 2 of them, 1 is the Yoru from Dracule Mihawk and another one is Shodai Kitetsu (Cursed) [As known as the First Generation Demon-Splitter]. Hopefully, as the stories progress, we are able to see the reveal of all of the 12 Supreme Grade Swords. And, hopefully, Zoro will own at least of them. Hehe.

9. Crocodile vs Whitebeard

Do you guys still remember the conversation between Crocodile and Whitebeard during the War of Marineford? It sounds like Crocodile was defeated by Whitebeard as easy as pie and it was the greatest shame in Crocodile’s history. Because of this past battle, Crocodile was so desired to kill the Strongest Man in the World – Whitebeard. I think this past battle between them will be worth to watch! Why are they fought and how Crocodile was defeated.

8. Shanks vs Blackbeard

Shanks is one of the Strongest Pirates in the World and we all love him so much. He is not only able to stop Kaido, another 4 Emperor, but also able to stop the War of Marineford. With such powerful Shanks, how could possibly Blackbeard hurt him and leaf the scars on his eyes in the past? I think all One Piece fans will be curious to find out how their battle was. And, it might reveal the true power of Blackbeard.

7. The Payback War: Blackbeard vs Marco

It was very sad for One Piece fans to accept the fact that the remnants of the Whitebeard crew were devastated with great ease by the Blackbeard Pirates. Even though Blackbeard Pirates is getting stronger especially after acquiring Tremor-Tremor Fruits and recruiting several infamous prisoners from Level 6, we are expecting a neck and neck war instead of a landslide victory by the Blackbeard. There might be a chance for us to watch this war when Cat Viper and Dog Storm looking for Macro the Phoenix.

6. Zoro’s left eye

After 2 years of training under Mihawk, we noticed that there is a scar run over Zoro‘s left eye. Similar to all the Zoro fans, we are wondering what exactly happened that cost his scar over his left eye. Does the scar come from his intensive training? Is the eye closed due to the demon resides inside his cursed sword? Is the scar purposely made by Zoro himself as he doesn’t want to owe a favor from Mihawk? We will find out soon!!!

5. 3 Ancient Weapons

By owning merely 1 of the 3 Ancient Weapons, any of the Pirates would easily become one of the Top Pirates in the world. As any of these Ancient Weapons are capable of creating massive destruction to the world and they are a threat to the World Government. Until now, we only know the Poseidon, which belongs to the Princess Shirahoshi. Poseidon, a power that has the potential to sink islands with ease by controlling the Sea Kings. Now, we are waiting for the power of Pluton and Uranus to be revealed!!!

4. Shanks vs Mihawk

Yes!!! We all love both of them and they are 2 of the Strongest Characters in One Piece too!!! When we heard about the story that both of them fought before, we all can imagine how epic, how incredible and how impressive their battle was. As stories go by, we might able to see this battle again when either Shanks or Mihawk reveal their history. 🙂

3. Akainu vs Aokiji

It is not only a fight for the position of Fleet Admiral, but it is also a fight between fire and ice, rage and calm, douche bag and cool, it is Akainu and Aokiji!!! All of the One Piece fans are itching to watch this fight. They were fighting each other for 7 days and 7 nights. Their fight has changed the climate of the island, whereby one side is being frozen and other being on fire.

2. The truth of Void Century

Not only Robin is seeking the truth of the Void Century, all the One Piece fans are waiting the day when the reveal of the Void Century to come. What really happened during these 100 years gap in history? All the answers of One Piece, Devil Fruits, Ancient Weapons and the Birth of World Government are all hidden inside this Void Century!

1. Revolutionary Army vs World Government

The main purpose of the birth of Revolutionary Army is to overturn the current World Government. It is unavoidable that the war between these 2 greatest powers will happen in the future. Most likely the war between them will be the climax of One Piece too. At that time, we might be able to see the conflict between Monkey D. Dragon and his dad Monkey D. Grap!!!


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