The Top 3 Lessons I learned from One Piece

Have you encountered the following questions from your friends or family before:

Why do you like One Piece so much? Isn’t a waste of time watching anime/manga?

Why do you choose One Piece over other Anime?

What do you learn from reading or watching One Piece?

I think the only reason why those people don’t like One Piece is that they never read or watch it before. Once you started, it will be like a snowball rolling and you will fall in love with it.

What I like One Piece the most is the lessons I learned from One Piece. It does not only entertain me in my free time but also enlighten me in my life.

Here are 3 valuable lessons I learned from One Piece!

3. Failure = Education

Do you guys remember the scene that all Straw Hat pirates get separated by Bartholomew at Sabaody Archipelago? It was considered the biggest failure of Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece. All of them get desperate and frustrated. As a captain, Luffy witness all of his screw went disappeared one after one in front of him and nothing he can do at all. His loss of his crew and his helplessness made my tear drop. However, instead of keeping desperation, they treated their failure as an education. They admitted their current power and capabilities and decided to use 2 more years to train themselves up. Grow and become a better person.

Here is the scene…

Similarly, in lives, we do face failure, it could fail in an exam paper, get fired by the boss, broken up with girlfriends or even get bankruptcy. Yes, these are all bad things that we want to avoid in our lives. However, what more important is when failure does come to you, what would you respond? Are you going to ignore it? Give Up?  Or are you going to learn from Straw Hat pirates? Treat all failure as an opportunity to learn and grow and we all could be a better person! 🙂

2. Never Give Up

Never, Never, Never Give Up is the 2nd valuable lesson I learned from One Piece. Whenever Straw Hat Pirates faced difficulty in their journey or got beaten up in their battles, they will never give up. In front of stronger enemies, instead of running away, they become stronger and make sure they win the victory!

The “Never Give Up” attitude demonstrated by Zoro and Sanji:

Likewise, in life, we should never give up.

Let’s take an example of doing Startup. Your team is fighting a government project with other competitors. Your team has the most innovative idea with lower cost, but at the end, the project was awarded to a competitor who has more experience in the industry. Are you going to tell your team that we fail, we cannot beat the big competitor, and maybe we should give up and go back to find another job?

The answer is simple, instead of giving up, start to learn from your competitors, what are their strength and how can your team be better. Remember, life is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

1. Dreams BIG

The first lesson learned from One Piece is never forgotten your dream and dare to DREAM BIG. All of the members from Straw Hat Pirates have their own dreams and aspire to achieve it. Each of them is willing to do their best to accomplish their dreams. Their determination and enthusiasm for their dreams are cleared portrayed throughout their journey.

Here are their dreams:

Luffy: To become the Pirate King

Zoro: To become the World’s Greatest Swordman

Nami: To draw a Map of the World

Usopp: To become a Great Warrior of the Sea

Sanji: To find the All Blue

Chopper: To become a Great Doctor that can cure any disease

Robin: To find the Rio Poneglyph

Franky: To create and sail in a ship which can travel the Great Seas

Brook: To meet up with Laboon once more

Here is a video showing their dreams:

In life, most of the time, we tend to forget our dreams or we scare to dream. We tend to live with the expectation given from other (it could be parents, teachers or friends). However, deep into your hearts, are you satisfied with your life right now?

Do you still remember your dream? What is your biggest dream? Be an entrepreneur? Politician? Singer? Actor? Or Motivational Speaker?

Take a moment to think what are your dreams, dream big and take actions like Straw Hat Pirates to achieving your dreams!


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And we wish a great day ahead.

Family of One Piece

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