The Top 5 Devil Fruits Power Monkey D. Dragon Could Have!

Top 5 Devil Fruits Power Monkey D. Dragon Could Have Infographic One Piece

The Top 5 Devil Fruits Power Monkey D. Dragon Could Have!

From the infographic we have prepared above, there are 5 devil fruits which Monkey D. Dragon could own now. Let’s us analyze each probability.

1. Thunderbird-Thunderbird Devil Fruit

Probability: 10%

 Thunderbird Devil Fruit

Perhaps the first question comes into your mind is what is Thunderbird? Haha. Let’s take a step back to look into local North American people’s culture and history, you will realize that Thunderbird is a legendary creature in their belief. In their belief, Thunderbird owns a supernatural power and strength. Whenever it appeared in the sky, strong wind or storm or even thunder will be followed by.

One of the examples to support why Monkey D. Dragon might possess this Thunderbird Devil Fruit Power. There was a case whereby Luffy is captured by Buddy and Buddy is going to use his blade to cut through Luffy’s head! (Of course, we don’t think Luffy will be defeated by him so easily.) Out of sudden, the sky and weather changed. And, a strong thunder lighting hit from the sky to Buggy. It couldn’t be so coincident that the weather has to save Luffy’s life. High likely it is the devil fruit power of Monkey D. Dragon. He is the father of Monkey D. Luffy and certainly, he would want to save his son’s life.

 Thunder Light created by Monkey D. Dragon Buggy is going to cut Luffy's head

From here, we can see that Monkey D. Dragon is able to control thunder lighting. So even the chance of having Thunderbird Devil Fruit is slim but there is still always a possibility. What do you think?

In addition, do you still remember the Mythical Zoan that Marco the Phoenix owns? He owns the Phoenix-Phoenix Devil Fruit which is even rare than Logia typed devil fruits. This power allows him to transform into a phoenix with blue flames around his body and having a supreme recovery rate.

Similarly, while doing research, we found these 2 mythical birds fighting each other. One is surrounded by red flames and another surrounded by blue electricity. Seem phoenix already appeared in front of all of One Piece fans. There is definitely a chance that Monkey D. Dragon might own this Thunderbolt Devil Fruit Power.

Phoenix vs Thunderbird


2. Wind-Wind Devil Fruit

Probability: 15%

Yes, the next possibility is Wind-Wind Devil Fruit, which is a Logia. By having this power, Monkey D. Dragon is able to control the atmospheric pressure and create wind. Wind can be very powerful as it can be used for attacking and defending or even as a transportation tool.

All One Piece fans should still remember the scene that happened in Loguetown. That particular day, Luffy was beaten up by Smoker who owns a Logia typed Devil Fruit. At that point of time, Luffy doesn’t know about Haki and totally unable to hit Smoker at all. The only thing he could do is run and run. Haha.

After putting Luffy down on the ground, when Smoker was about to give him a final blow, he was stopped by a mysterious person. That person is covered by a long green cloak and he is the world most “wanted” person – Monkey D. Dragon.

 Monkey D Dragon saved Luffy from Smoker

After all, the heavy rain was stopped and out of sudden, there is an extremely strong wind appeared. And, that strong wind blew away all the people there including Luffy, Smoker, Marines, and all the crew. It is a solid example why we believe that Monkey D. Dragon might own the Wind-Wind Devil Fruit.

Recently, Sabo defected one core crews from Blackbeard Pirates – Jesus Burgess badly. However, unexpectedly, he followed Sabo to the headquarter of Revolutionary Army secretly. The worst thing is that he informed his crew – Laffitte about his location and requested them to come and attack the base of Revolutionary Army because of the huge amount of good weapons here.

At the end, Pedro read the newspaper and found out that the Baltigo, the headquarter of the revolutionary army was in ruins before the arrival of Marines. We have no idea what exactly happened there. Perhaps Revolutionary Army was destroyed by the Blackbeard Pirates? Perhaps Monkey D. Dragon destroyed his own base and move to another mysterious location?

We strongly believe that it is latter. The next question is how could they do that? One of the possibility is that Monkey D. Dragon informed his team to destroy their base and use his Wind-Wind Devil Fruit power to blow or transport all the Revolutionary Army to another location. Without Wind Devil Fruit Power, it could be hard for so many of them leaving without any notice from others.

3. Storm-Storm Devil Fruit

Probability: 20%

 Storm created by Monkey D. Dragon Wind that blow Luffy and Smoker away from Monkey D. Dragon

Isn’t Wind-Wind Devil Fruit similar to Storm-Storm Devil Fruit? We have the same thought before as well. After doing some research we found there is some difference between wind and storm. The difference is indicated below:


Wind is created due to the differences in the air or atmospheric pressure. When there is a region with higher atmospheric pressure as compared to another region with lower atmospheric pressure, the air will move or flow naturally from the higher pressure to lower pressure area.


The storm is referred to unpleasant or even destructive weather where is associated with strong wind, lighting or raining. The storm is simply implying that it will be affecting the earth’s surface.

So, in general, Storm is stronger than Wind. It is like the case that Magu Magu Devil Fruit is stronger than the Mera Mera Devil Fruit. That’s why Akainu is stronger than Ace and able to defeat him with ease. With that in mind, if there are both Wind and Storm Devil Fruit, definitely there is a higher chance that Monkey D. Dragon is having the stronger one.

Furthermore, is it unforgettable about the scenario where Sabo was saved by Monkey D. Dragon. In the Gray Terminal, Sabo is almost died due to the strong fire around him and he was crying for help. At that point of time, Monkey D. Dragon appeared and he created a strong gust of wind and that wind blow out all the flames. With that, there is a clear path for all the rest of people to escape to the shore.

Do you know what makes fire ignited? It must come with 3 elements, that are a source of ignition, oxygen, and combustible material. Besides, normally, a wind will make fire become stronger. So it might make more sense to use a storm which is able to blow away the fire instantly without making the fire become stronger and stronger.

 Dragon saved Sabo

With all the examples above, we believe that there is a higher probability that Monkey D. Dragon’s Devil Fruit Power is Storm rather than Wind.

4. Weather-Weather Devil Fruit

Probability: 25%

OMG! Yes, we are talking about Whether-Weather Devil Fruit now. We think it is one of the strongest Devil Fruits among all, perhaps the 2nd strongest devil fruit after Black-Black Devil Fruit that is owned by Blackbeard. Why we think weather devil fruit is so strong is because it can simply control all kind of weather, such as rainy, storm, hot, cold, dry, wet, hurricanes, typhoons, snow, drought, tornados, mist and etc.

From all the above examples, we can see that whenever Monkey D. Dragon appeared, the weather changed and associated with rain, wind, storm, thunder light and etc. So instead of having one particular power like thunder light or wind, having the weather devil fruit is like having all in one.

 Weather Devil Fruit

With this weather devil fruit power, Monkey D. Dragon can simply make the battlefield to his favor. He could simply create Hurricanes, Tornados or Typhoons to destroy his enemies. Besides, he could simply control the humidity of the weather and make the place dry or wet and become drought or flooding. Lastly, we could simply control the weather and create mist and used it as a way to hide from others. Mist is so useful for him as the leader of Revolutionary Army as he needs to avoid the exposure of his character and whereabout to the World Government.

With this wonderful power, there is no doubt that he is ranked as the most “wanted” person by World Government.

5. Dragon-Dragon Devil Fruit

Probability: 30%

 Dragon Dragon Devil Fruit

The highest probability we think that the Devil Fruit Power that Monkey D. Dragon owns is Dragon-Dragon Devil Fruit. As we all know, Dragon is the strongest legendary creature of all. It is not only able to fly around the sky freely but also having supernatural power like fire, wind, storm, thunder and etc. In the history, people believe that the weather will change whenever the legendary dragon appeared and it also symbolizes power, authority, king, fortune and holy.

Since Dragon symbolizes the ultimate power and it is similar to the case of Monkey D. Dragon because he is known as the world most dangerous and wanted criminal by the World Government.

At the same time, Chinese Dragon is always described as the most powerful creature with the abilities to create fire, lighting bolt and storm. It is similar to wherever Monkey D. Dragon appeared. Besides, Dragon Devil Fruit also fit into his name of “Monkey D. Dragon”.

 Sabo's Martial Art - Dragon Claw taught by Monkey D. Dragon

In addition, his revolutionary ship also has a Chinese dragon mark on it. Moreover, the martial arts that Sabo performed also resembles Dragons. And, we strongly believe that this dragon technique is taught by the master – Monkey D. Dragon. These all clues are the hint for us to pointing to one direction – Dragon-Dragon Devil Fruit. Another ultimate rare but powerful mythical dragon zoan.



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