The Top 5 Secrets of Reiju Vinsmoke in One Piece

The Top 5 Secrets of Reiju Vinsmoke in One Piece



Reiju Vinsmoke is one of the one piece characters that has become more and more popular recently especially when the story progresses into the Whole Cake Island Arc. It is not merely because of her pretty appearance, but also due to her personality and kindness.

Let’s have a glimpse on the infographic above and we will have little idea why so many one piece fans love about reiju in one piece.

We are going to share with you The Tops 5 Secrets of Reiju Vinsmoke in One Piece now.

1. Emotion and Humanity

As we all know, Vinsmoke Judge, the King of Germa Kingdom, the father of Vinsmoke Family and also the supreme commander of Germa 66 who always aspired to conquer the whole North Blue and restore the glory of his Germa Kingdom. Due to his ambition, he decided to use his unique scientific knowledge to modify all of his children. Through his biological modification, all of his children will gain enhanced physical characteristics and special ability but at the same time, their emotional and humanity will be removed.

Reiju Vinsmoke is the modified human who has retained her emotion and humanity. Unlike Reiju’s siblings who are cruel and inhuman, she is a kind and caring person.

When she was a kid, she showed her sympathy and care to Sanji. Whenever Sanji was bullied by the other siblings like Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji, she will laugh loudly as well. She did it is to protect herself from being bullied by them. When they were not around at all. She will visit Sanji and treat him well.

Reiju One Piece Laugh

In addition, she cried secretly alone when she found out the truth that her father would want to put Sanji into jail and announced that he had passed away. As Sanji’s sister, She felt she has the responsibility to help Sanji. She grabs a golden opportunity to help Sanji to escape the evil Vinsmoke Family. She also encouraged him to find new friends on the sea and never come back to Vinsmoke Family. (Without the help from Sanji’s sister, Sanji might not able to become a chef and join Luffy as part of the Straw Hat Pirate crew)

Reiju Saves Sanji in One Piece

Lastly, when Vinsmoke Judge and all his siblings were arrested under Big Mom Pirates during Tea Time, Judge is the only one to cry as he realized that all of his children are emotionless. Only Reiju Vinsmoke can feel it and show her sympathy to her father.

Vinsmoke Germa 66 Die Death in Big Mom Tea Party

2. The only Girl in Germa 66

Surprisingly, Reiju Vinsmoke is the only girl in Vinsmoke Family as well as the whole Germa Kingdom. In fact, Germa 66 is a scientific product of Judge and it consists a huge amount of strong clone army.

Besides, Reiju Vinsmoke also the eldest among all the Vinsmoke Siblings. Despite being the eldest, she uses “0” in her raid suit. The raid suit with “1”, “2” and “4” are belonged to Ichiji, Niji and Yonji. Instead of getting “1”, she gets “0” in her raid suit, it shows that she doesn’t have a strong ambition like her siblings and her role is more on supporting and assisting them to achieve their dreams of Germa Kingdom.

Reiju with Raid Suit 0

3. Strong Defense and Recovery Rate

With the Vinsmoke’s genetic enhancements, Reiju Vinsmoke possesses immense superhuman physical abilities. Besides, she owns a very strong outer skeleton as known as Exoskeleton. This Exoskeleton provides a very strong defense to her.

We can see it during her fight with Big Mom. Big Mom uses her sun homie – Prometheus to attack Reiju. Reiju is suffering but with her Exoskeleton, she is capable to withstand that attack after all.

Reiju attacked by big mom

Besides, Reiju Vinsmoke also has a high and quick recovery rate. After being attack by Big Mom, she recovered pretty fast and able to chat with her siblings. She also ready to fight again after her self-healing power.

reiju recovery from Big Mom


4.Poison Pink

Reiju Vinsmoke is also known as “Poison Pink”. Due to the genetic modification, she owns the special power of poison. It is similar to the Doku-Doku Devil Fruits or Venom-Venom Devil Fruits. With this poison ability, she is able to absorb poison and secrete poison in her attacks. Similarly, her brothers, Ichiji has the special power of “Sparking Red”. With this power, he can generate explosions everywhere which is similar to the Bomu Bomu Devil Fruit. Meanwhile, Niji has the special power of “Dengeki Blue”. With that power, he can generate electricity and use it to attack enemies, which is similar to the Goro Goro Devil Fruit.

When Reiju Vinsmoke first being introduced in One Piece, she saved our hero Monkey D. Luffy by absorbing all the poison from her body. Not only that she is able to identify the type of poison in his body and absorb all of them out of his body, she also able to consume the poison on her own goods. She consumes the extreme poison and gained extra power after that. It was shown as her butterfly wing gained a lot of energy and gained additional rings on her patterns.

Definitely, she is also immune to poison.

During her fight with the Charlotte Smoothie, Smoothie was being kicked by Reiju and mentioned that reiju’s poison power is very troublesome to her. It shows that poison is very useful in any battles, it can kill your enemies instantly.

Reiju kick Smoothie and saves Nami

5. First Kiss to Luffy

OMG! All one piece fans like to discuss the potential life partner/girlfriend/wife of Monkey D. Luffy. The list ranging from Nami, Robin, Boa Hancock, Vivi, Shirahoshi to Bonney. But none of us expects that his first kiss was stolen by Reiju Vinsmoke in One Piece.

Reiju saves and kiss luffy

It is the benefits of being the main character in One Piece! Luffy enjoys the kiss from one of the prettiest one piece characters – Reiju Vinsmoke! It is definitely a happy and blessed thing.

Instead of hatred of Reiju Vinsmoke as she stolen the first kiss from our legendary Luffy, there are more and more One Piece Fans love Reiju. It is simply because she just saves our captain by a simple mouth to mouth contact. And, at the end, it is a win-win situation. Luffy was being saved from potential extreme poison death and Reiju gained more power from this rare poison.

Anyways, even though Luffy’s first kiss was given to Reiju Vinsmoke, we don’t think that she will be the wife of our future Pirate King yet (even though she is Sanji’s sister.) Haha.


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